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What does your dog say about you

If you own a Rottweiler you understand the amount of respect the breed requires. They not vicious by temperament, and can be laid back and affectionate to their owners. However, they are quick to react if they rubbed up the wrong way, and ferocious when defending their loved ones. Courageous, confident dogs, they often inspire the same characteristics in their humans.

Gentle souls, Rotties are mellow by nature but have a 1:1 replica handbags lot of strength and stamina. They big, heavy animals and require a certain forcefulness and a commanding personality to be able to control them correctly. They also require a lot of socialisation, so those who own them are generally dedicated to the cause.

An endlessly popular choice, Yorkies are among the smallest and sweetest of the terrier breeds. They hypoallergenic so suit those who get the sniffles, and they don shed perfect for the house proud. Terriers in general are energetic and playful, which is usually reflected in their owners but they also love to relax. They also very companionable and affectionate dogs, who will give lots of kisses and curl up with you on the couch at the end of a long day.

They can be busy brained and replica designer handbags vocal replica louis vuitton bags , just like their humans, but thrive on attention and fun. Yorkies have fabulous hair that a conscientious owner might want to maintain, and perhaps even tie up with ribbons.

A Yorkie owner is most likely to

Wear: A handbag big enough to fit a small dog.

Live: Anywhere and everywhere.

Celebrity fans: Simon Cowell, Natalie Portman, Gisele Bundchen.

Those who own German Shepherds are usually looking for protection and loyalty from their pet. German Shepherds are quite low maintenance and independent in terms of being left alone, but they incredibly trustworthy, and just tough enough so their replica louis vuitton owner will feel safe. They can be shy around new people, much like their owners.

A classic breed, those who love German Shepherds aren into trends they want a dog that physically impressive but not overly intimidating or super cute. They also really adaptable to their surroundings, so won mind if you move around a lot, and they often used as police dogs because they so clever and easy to train. Energetic simply due to their size, they enjoy big adventures so their owner better be ready and willing.

A German Shepherd owner is most likely to

Wear: Flat shoes for long walks.

Live: Somewhere in need of a guard dog.

Celebrity fans: Ben Affleck high quality designer replica handbags , Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston.

The least active Spaniel, the CKC is classed as a toy dog and not a gun dog like others of its breed. They require lots of human interaction, and love it when their owner is around a lot. Their sad little faces tend to appeal to more gentle, trustworthy humans, and they good with children although Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags might be wary of strangers at first.

Cavaliers are the type of dog that will curl up at your feet and stay there undisturbed for hours, so if you own one you more than likely a restful person. Not the greatest watchdog in terms of astuteness and barking, they are nonetheless very protective of their master and suit somebody who doesn mind being completely adored.

A Cavalier owner is most likely to

Live: Somewhere quiet and rural.

Celebrity fans: Henry Winkler, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The current hipster doggy of choice, Frenchies are a highly coveted breed that come with a hefty price tag. Alex Petrilli of King of Paws dog trainers calls them: “A status symbol. the Louis Vuitton of dog breeds!” Frenchie owners are usually quite cool (much like their dogs) and completely obsessed with their pooch, which might explain the large numbers of Instagram accounts devoted to the breed. Like pugs before them, they quite odd looking but also very cute thanks to their bunny esque ears. A little sour pussed and similar in gait to other bulldog breeds, Staffordshire Terriers and Pitbulls, they can appear quite tough.

If you into Frenchies, you more than likely attracted to their looks first and foremost, and their chill vibe, much like your own.

A French Bulldog owner is most likely to

Those who own collies are normally pragmatic people who use their dog primarily for work. “The border is a cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk full on workaholic,” says tdog trainer Alex Petrilli. “He is the first in the office and last one to leave! This dog is for replica designer handbags seriously active people that understand this dog will need a job to do.”

Borders aren designed to be left alone for long stretches, as they will find something to amuse themselves and you might not necessarily like it, so they suit owners who take them with them when they leave the house. They tenacious and responsive, and their owners cheap louis vuitton bags from china normally like to be in control , and to be obeyed. However collie owners also love affection and loyalty, and their pooches give it to them in spades.

A Border Collie owner is most likely to

Hybrid breeds are becoming more and more popular, as the quest to make even cuter dogs continues. Some hybrids are created simply because of how they look Maltipoos (Maltese/miniature Poodle) are the new cool toy dog to carry around in the crook of your arm, while Chugs (Chihuahua/Pug) are very unusually cute but a labrador/poodle cross aaa replica designer handbags has serious benefits. Firstly, they less prone to cause allergic reactions. Secondly, they lighter than a standard lab. They often used as guide or assistance dogs due to the fact that they generally very patient and kind, so would suit somebody who needs a Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags helping hand and make great family pets.

Exuberant and loving, a Labradoodle will shower you with perhaps even more affection than you high quality designer replica handbags wholesale desire, and will always want to play even if its been asleep a moment before. Neither as precious as a Poodle nor as lazy as a Lab, this dog suits an owner that will replica louis vuitton handbags exercise it frequently.

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